Dear Fellow Patriot,

Decades ago, anti-gun Pennsylvania politicians had completely banned semi-automatic weapons from being used for hunting.

Until last fall, when the Pennsylvania legislature passed HB 263 to affirm your right to use semi-automatics for hunting.

But the legislature made a big mistake and gave the Game Commission the power to regulate the use of semi-automatics in hunting.

And that’s exactly what the Game Commission did, voting to ban semi-automatics in big game hunting.

We cannot let this stand, and the State Legislature CAN reverse the Commission’s ban.

It’s high time to pressure the legislators in Harrisburg to completely restore our God-given rights to keep and bear arms.

So please help Pennsylvania Gun Rights reverse this by signing the “STOP the Semi-Auto Ban” petition today!

For Freedom,

Chris Stone
Aaron Yates
Director of Communications

Whereas: The Right of the People to keep and bear arms is protected both by the U.S. Constitution and by the Constitution of the state of Pennsylvania; and
Whereas: This unalienable right is clearly infringed by the Game Commission’s ban on semi-automatic rifles in big game hunting; and
Whereas: Millions of Americans in other states safely and efficiently use semi-automatic rifles in big game hunting; and
Whereas: Arbitrary restrictions on using semi-atuomatic rifles, such as the Game Commission’s ban on semi-automatics for big game, only create roadblocks for law-abiding citizens; and
Whereas: As a pro-gun state, only those politicians who choose to betray Second Amendment supporters have anything to fear from stopping the Semi-Auto Ban; and
Therefore: On behalf of law-abiding gun owners all across the state of Pennsylvania, I insist you do everything in your power to force a vote in the Pennsylvania State Legislature to STOP the Semi-Auto Ban IMMEDIATELY. PAGR will keep me informed of your actions.