Welcome to Pennsylvania Gun Rights—the only no-compromise gun rights group in this great state.

But what does “No Compromise” mean?

We don’t accept political excuses or backroom deals that trade away certain freedoms to “gain” others.

We don’t consider do-nothing legislation a “victory” for gun-owners. We know a cover vote when we see one.

Gun owners’ rights have been slipping away for the last century due to that kind of compromise. The good news is: we have begun turning the tide in the battle!

But our work is not done until our rights are fully restored as the founders of the United States and Pennsylvania intended.

Gun grabbers in Pennsylvania think they’re sitting pretty.

Michael Bloomberg has nearly 200 Pennsylvania mayors in lock-step with his anti-gun agenda –– as proud members of his gun control group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

But PAGR will stand firm to turn the tide against radical anti-gunners at the state and local level across Pennsylvania.

So join or donate to our cause today!


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